A fabulous and highly collectible piece of Mexican Earthenware pottery by Ysauro Uriate and Enrique Luis Ventosa.  This cobalt blue tin glaze decorated piece is an earlier example of this famed duos work.  They were well known for their Talavera styled pieces and this appears to be an earlier work.  The charger measures 11 1/4" across and stands about 2 1/8" tall. The back is marked with Uriate's "Y" and "U" maker's mark and the word Mexico. The lower mark is the mark for Ventosa - the letter V with an EL inside the V.  We can date this piece safely to early 20th Century most likely before they started their Talavera pieces. Most of the pieces we have seen, even pieces in the Met by this duo are in the Talavera style so this is an interesting piece.

The charger is in Very Good Estate condition. There are no chips, cracks or flakes. We see crazing with discoloration and a few popped glaze bubbles but nothing exceptional. See all of our photos for many views.  This piece is incredible. The cobalt blue glaze is raised and the glaze over the stoneware is creamy and you can see how it dried in spots a little thicker than other spots on the back.

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