Vintage Weiss Flower Rhinestone Brooch Large Bright Stones


3" / Multi / Rhinestones

Check out this eye popping vintage rhinestone brooch by Weiss.  The colors are decadent and it is huge ... 3 inches in length.

The stones are vivid red, hot pink, kelly green and a small teal stone at the base of the stem. It measures 1 1/4" across the flowers petals.

The stones are a larger size and there is a mix of shapes: pear and round on the flower and stem, marquise on the leaves.

The setting is done in gold tone. This is a c1940s Weiss piece. It is signed on the back under the pin but we can still see the mark and photographed it the best we could for you. We only did a light wipe down and the spiral stem could use a bit more polishing up. As you can see from our photos it displays beautifully.

A great piece for the collector and lover of signed quality Costume Jewelry.

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