Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet 20 Charms Bagpipes


7" / Silver / Sterling Silver

A beautiful vintage sterling silver charm bracelet c1940s.  This bracelet is loaded with 20 sterling silver charms a few of them moveable charms.  The bracelet is also sterling silver measuriing 7" long and 3/8" wide on the double rolo link.

Here are the included charms:

Scissors (mechanical - scissors open and close) 
Baby Grand Piano - signed Beau Sterling 
An Acorn and branches - looks like it might be a symbol or family crest 
A secret code flip or spinner charm - Has I LOVE YOU with letters from the phrase on front and back of charm 
Cowboy Boot 
A Girls head with the name "Bella" on front and date 12-14-26 on the back 
A Boy's head with the name "Bill" on front and date 10-29-22 
A Bagpipe Player 
A Square that is engraved Happy Anniversary with a date of 12-4-47 
State of Massachusetts Beau Silver Charm 
Canadian Maple Leaf Charm 
Sterling Silver Heart Charm Locket 
A Windmill (mechanical) 
Old Fashioned Candlestick Phone 
PEI - Prince Edward Island map charm 
Amulet of Faith Charm (glass enclosed mustard see) "If ye have faith as a grain of a mustard seed...nothing shall be impossible unto you.) 
Musical Notes on Staff Charm 
Poodle Charm 
Lion Rampant (Scotland's Coat of Arms)

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