Vintage Egyptian Motif Chalkware Plaques Pair Pharaohs Nefertiti


13.75" / Black / Chalkware

A great pair of collectible vintage chalkware plaques of Egyptian Pharaohs or Nefertiti.  This set is c1920-30 Art Deco era and has beautiful colors.

Each plaque stands 13 3/4" tall by 9 3/4" across the widest point and 1 1/4" deep.

The colors in the photos are true with black, gold and just a touch of red seen on the profile view of the headdress. The condition is Good. Not perfect but for their 90+ years and the amount of chalkware we have seen really nice. With a few dabs of black paint or even a touch up marker these will be ready to go.

The major flaw we see is on the very tip of the nose on one of the pieces. There are minor flakes around the edges here and there we have pointed some of them out so you can see they are barely noticeable when these are upright. Again, I would touch up with a paint marker and call it a day.

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