Vintage Porcelain Enamel Star Pendant Ornament Gilt Chinese 2.75 inch

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2.75 inch / Blue

Extraordinary porcelain enamel pendant ornament, It is like NO OTHER we have seen or can reference. It is LARGE in size, with the Star (not including the attached bale) measuring 3 1/8" tall by 2 3/4" wide with a depth of 5/8". We acquired this piece from a woman in her late 70's, she wore it on a chain as it was her mother's piece. (The chain is not included.) Her mother was German decent but we do not believe this is German porcelain. She called it cloisonne but it is not crafted in the manner of cloisonne. The body is made from brass with a heavy cobalt blue porcelain enamel. The flowers and greenery are hand-painted. The gilt rope work is hand applied. There are few pieces of gilt missing but again very minor for it's age. We searched high and low for any example close this and could find none of this age and/or this quality. Based on our knowledge and research we are dating this to 1920 - 1930. The style of painting and the applied work appears to be Chinese and this looks to be a true Chinese Export piece of quality enamel work.

The enamel decoration is on BOTH sides. There are no chips or cracks to the enameling. It is structurally in remarkable condition. Loss of paint in areas that you would expect to see from a piece of this age.

This might have been an ornamental piece but for the past 40 years, at least, it has been worn as an elaborate pendant and it is beyond stunning. Again, the chain is not included but there are chains in our shop if you would like a chain to go with this. She wore it with a simple 14k gold shown as shown. There is an attached bale and an added necklace bale which has a 6mm opening so it will nearly any size chain.

A superb and rare find in early Chinese enamel work.