Solid Gold Victorian Sash Buckle Antique 10k Gold Buckle 25g


3 1/8" / Gold / 10k Gold

This antique Victorian Sash buckle in solid 10k gold is a rare find for the Victorian collector.   It is large enough to be used today with a scarf, sash or belt but would also make a great display piece on your Victorian vanity or dresser. 

This sash buckle was a surprise for us we have had for a few years.  It sat covered in black grime with no visible area looking gold or anything close.  I rubbed a corner and start to see some gold peaking through so I broke my no clean rule and I'm glad I did.  

This buckle is solid 10k gold. I can honestly say in over 30 years I have only seen one other in gold and it was on display. This buckle has a weight of 25.1 grams.

The buckle measures 3 1/8" long by 1 1/2" wide. It has engraved decoration of leaves and feathers with scroll work. There are 4 glass tubes attached to the setting. We did not take them out to test for Jet which is always a possibility in a gold buckle. I did not want to chance any damage. We can tell you that the black glass is highly polished, each piece measuring approximately 7/8" long 1/8" wide.

The three hooks at the front center of the buckle move up and down. They are very sharp. The back also has a movable catch for your belt or scarf. There are no markings that we can see. This item has been safely test and is guaranteed to be at least 10k gold.

This is quite a piece for the Victorian collector and would make a lovely buckle to use or for display on your Victorian vanity.

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