Shimazu Family Crest Vase Hand Painted Katani Style Vintage


12 1/2" / Multi / Pottery

This large vintage vase came out of an Japanese Estate Collectors home and is in very good estate condition. There are no chips, cracks or flakes. There is crazing with faint discoloration on the cream body of the vase. This is nothing that is seen without close inspection. The gilt trim at the top and bottom edge shows age wear but still plenty visible.

The vase stands 12 1/2" tall and measures 4 1/4" across the top rim with an approximate 2 1/4" opening across. The base measures 4 3/8" across. The brightly hand painted design is perfect and quite incredible that it is done so perfectly. This colorful Asian vase has a unique look and everyone that sees it picks it up and comments on it's beauty.

This hand painted vase has the Shimazu family crest in gold at the base. We believe this dates at least from 1950 but could be much earlier. We made several attempts to get the gold hand painted Japanese writing on base translated but did not have any luck other than positively identifying the Shimazu crest.

We believe this vase is Kutani in style from the color palette but the design is much different than anything we can find. It is entirely hand painted and the design is done in what appears to be a slightly raised enamel paint that almost looks cold painted. The glaze on the cream colored vase is fired and has a glossy finish but the painted design is a flatter raised finish.

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