Rare Roman Empire Book 1554 History of Appian of Alexandra Latin Basilee Froben

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12" / Brown / leather

Handsome hardbound leather gilt 1554 edition in Latin of Appiani Alexandrini Romanarum Historiarum: de bellis Punicis liber, bellis Syriacis liber, de bellis Parthicis Liber - translates loosely to The History of Appian of Alexandra; His History of the Civil War in Rome published by Froben:  Basile.  

This edition was obviously meticulously rebound at some point for a personal library collection. The binding is tight and the inside pages clean.

There are 506 pages not including a fairly lengthy unpaged index. It is dated on the last printed page which we show in the third photograph. The book measures 12" X 8 1/4". The ends of the pages are tipped in gilt (see photo 2).

Appian of Alexandria (c. AD 95 – c. AD 165) was a Roman historian of Greek origin during the reigns of Emperors of Rome Trajan, Hadrian, and Antoninus Pius. Appian began writing his history around the middle of the second century AD. Only sections from half of the original 24 books survive today. The most important remnants of Appian's work are the five books on the Civil Wars (books 13-17) of the Roman History. These five books stand out because they are the only comprehensive, meticulous source available on an extremely significant historical period, during which Roman politics were in turmoil because of factional strife.

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