The perfect touch for you French Country or Farmhouse kitchen.  These three French hand painted Quimper rooster dessert plates have vivid colors and will make a wonderful wall or shelf display.  AND if you want to do an entire cabinet it would be truly AMAZING we have more pieces - see link at bottom of page.

The colors are gorgeous and the main glaze is the faintest powder blue - it may look white in photos but is blue. The decorated colors are a rosy red, green blue and yellow.

All three plates have the same makers mark stamp as shown in the photos. Each plate has the following F - form number and D - Decoration number and the Artists initials or the Artist and Supervisors initials.

All plates have the following info hand marked - F.176 - D.485 - RL

The mark on these plates is c1969-1984 based on the history we have gathered, these are from the 1970s. The condition ranges from Fair to Very Good. There are NO Chips, Flakes or Cracks. There is faint crazing with light discoloration on 1 plate. and the other two plates perfect. The hand painting is vivid bright and clean.

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