Pastel Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace 14k Clasp Vintage Estate Jewelry


18" / Pastel / Pearls

A classic strand of Vintage Akoya Cultured Salt Water Pearls in lovely pastel shades.  This strand of pearls measures 18" in length and has a 14k gold ribbed ball box clasp.

The color of the pearls is 100% accurate in the first photo. The other photos are slightly off in color from our lighting (they look yellow tinged in our photos). Each pearl is approximately 7mm and fairly uniform in size. As no two pearls are identical, they are rarely perfectly round.

The pearls have good luster with reflection seen and they have no inclusions on the surface. Akoya pearls are cultured in saltwater in Japan and of the highest quality.

The clasp is marked 14K for gold purity and has the letter H for a makers mark. It is not a script mark H like Honora uses, unless this is an earlier mark of theirs that we are not aware of. The pastel colors are beautiful with hues of pink, winter white and pale lavender.

This is a classic quality strand that would make a wonderful gift and will never be out of fashion.

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