The perfect piece for your Farmhouse or French Country home.  This antique blue and white bowl is a rare find for the earthenware pottery collector.  The design is unusual and the glaze is incredible.  We acquired this plate from a New York collector of Faience, Talavera and early European earthenware pieces. The only info we have is what was hand written and tagged on the plates. You will see more of these items over the coming week so check back often. Some incredible pieces. 

This shallow bowl measures 10" across and stands 1 7/8" deep. The glaze is incredible see all of our photos. What we see in damage and over all wear is as follows: a few popped pottery bubbles at rim (not damage just mentioning for accuracy), some loss of glaze at very edge of bowl, back edge of bowl has a 3/4" elongated chip (that is the main damage).

This one will not last long in our shop.  Remember we sell estate items so there is only one.

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