An incredible piece of vintage Sterling Silver Modernist Jewelry.  This big bold bracelet was crafted in Italy sometime between 1960-70 and is in Very Good estate condition with no physical wear seen.  The silver is bright and clean with a touch of patina between the links which we purposely did not over-clean as it gives this piece depth.

This bracelet is heavy with a 46.4 gram weight.  The links are large measuring a 1/2" wide.  The craftsman ship is beautiful as well as deliberate.  The back side of the bracelet shows that the links are flat, with the front side of the links looking like a big continuous ribbon.  The flat back keeps the bracelet from rolling over - very smart design.  

It is bold but still exceptionally elegant in a minimalist way.  It can however be paired with your other silver or white gold pieces.  Nothing is quite like Italian Sterling Silver. The bracelet is marked 925 for Sterling Silver purity and has been safely tested to be so. It is also marked Italy. 

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