Austrian Silver Fish Cutlery Set Antique 1880s Ornate


18" box / Silver / 800 Silver

A stunning ornate Antique Austrian Silver Fish Cutlery Set.  This set is a service for 6 including the wood presentation box. You will receive all 12 pieces as shown.

The handles on forks and knives are ornate and crafted of 800 silver. They are hollow and have no dings or dents. They are marked with Diana's head and A3 for the metal purity of 800 silver in Austria from 1872-1922. Each piece is also marked with a maker's mark of HS or SH. We are uncertain who the maker is.

Each fork measures 7 1/8" from end to end and knife 8 1/8" from end to end. We only did a quick wipe down, once these are properly polished they will be absolutely stunning.

The presentation box is crafted of wood. It is sturdy and the wood is in good condition. The plush lining of the box shows it's Victorian Era age with fading and discoloration. This is typical for a piece of this age. Otherwise unremarkable.

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