Antique Embroidery Gilt Framed God Bless Our Home with Farmhouse


22 1/2" / Gold / Gilt

Antique c1890s home embroidery on punched paper "God Bless Our Home".  This piece has a fantastic gold gilt frame and can go with several types of antique decor.

The frame measures 22 1/2" X 17" X 3/4" deep. The gilt front of the frame has a 1 5/8" width. There is black scroll decoration and spots of patina on the gilt but is it incredible if you know or collect gilt frames this is the first part of the treasure. There is some rubbing and fading to gilt but over all pretty incredible. The glass is also all good. The area that shows the embroidery or the glass area is 19 1/4" X 13 1/2".

The wood backing is intact and securely protects the piece. The embroidery is done on punched paper. You can see light discoloration to the paper in the photos. The flash on my camera accentuates this more than it is in reality. Hanging on the wall you would be hard pressed to find the discoloration but we note all flaws for accuracy.

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