Authentic Art Deco Brooch crafted in copper and champleve enamel of a lady smoking with a long cigarette holder.   This piece is not perfect was a great example of Art Deco period jewelry and enamel work so we thought a collector would appreciate it.  We took several photos and pointed out what we see.  Please read below and view all photos.

The enamel is done in black, green and on a coppery color on her hair. You can see wear to the enamel on one of her shoes. And chips to black enamel on her pants but the chips do not go through to the metal. The sections that are enameled are actually grooved out in the copper. Her hair, shoes, and lapel are done in Champleve technique. We were able to see this where the enamel is missing on here shoe. This was more than applied enamel piece there was craftsmanship on the metal as well.

The brooch is only in fair condition. It is missing the pin catch and the pin is bent. The bent pin will still work if you get a catch added. We also tried this on without a catch and it will stay so if you put a rubber stopper on the pin so you don't poke yourself this can still be worn. This woman looks confident and like a boss. I searched and searched and found nothing like it.

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