MOD Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring Earring Set 35 ctw


7.75 ring 2" earrings / Purple / Sterling Silver

This MOD amethyst sterling set has an interesting design and the large cabochon amethyst stones are gorgeous. The earrings are for pierced ears and hang 2" in length on long sterling silver wires. The front of the wires have a beveled setting. The front setting of the gemstones is pierced with the sterling silver and this allows maximum light through the amethyst stones. Each stone or earring has a 10.22 carat weight for a total of 20.44 carats on the earrings!

The ring is just as outstanding with swirls of sterling silver making the the prongs that hold the large amethyst stone in place. The ring is a size 7 3/4. The amethyst on the ring is a 15.03 carat stone and measures 20mm X 15mm X 7mm. The front of the ring measures 3/4" east to west across the setting and 5/8" north to south in height. You can see on our model it is big and bold. The setting is highly polished with some light patina showing in the corners. We only did a soft cloth cleaning of the silver and it is beautiful. Many of you like the natural patina so we did not want to over clean either of the pieces.

This set is c1970s and has a great MOD look. The ring and earrings are hallmarked 925 for sterling purity. If you love purple and interesting modern pieces this set is a winner!