Elsmore & Forster Large Ironstone Platter Mulberry Purple Hibiscus Antique


16" / Mulberry / Ironstone

An impressive and obscure piece of Elsmore & Forster Ironstone.  This antique platter in Mulberry is large and has a great Hibiscus pattern.  This piece is c1853-71. 

There is no makers mark that we can see present just an embossed number 14. This piece has crazing with light discoloration throughout. We took several photos for you to assess. There are two flakes on one edge roughly 3mm and 5mm not deep we are mentioning for accuracy - they are not easily noticeable. No other physical damage. It is really in remarkable condition for over 130 years old.

The platter is large with an octagonal shape measuring 16" X 12" and stands 1 1/2" tall. Perfect for a roast or ham but will also make a stunning display piece when not in use. I would even consider using as a dresser or vanity tray.

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