Wood Machinist Tool Box Beveled Sides Carpentry Antique

$500.00 $450.00

23 1/4" / Brown / Wood

A great find in Antique Crafted Wood Tool Boxes.  This 19th Century Machinist box is heavy and large in size measuring 23 1/4 Length X 13 3/4" Depth X 14 1/4" Height. The outer case of the box is made of Beech and inside the drawers is Pine. 

It has a top lid which flips opens to reveal a large area to hold tools with a 1 7/8 H but the tools can actually be an inch taller with the carved out lid. There are three pull out drawers with dividers. Each drawer is gradually taller in height. The inside drawer height measurements are 1" on the first drawer, 2" on the second drawer and 2 1/4" on the third drawer.

The box is sturdy and heavy weighing 31 pounds unpacked. It is structurally sound with no cracks to wood. There are several coats of varnish on the box and few paint splotches. Nothing you would not expect from a box over 100 years old. It makes a handsome display and still has many years of use left. It is was used as a machinists box but could also be used for holding arts and crafts supplies, paints and brushes, small woodworking tools such as chisels etc and we like as an early decorative piece.

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