Vintage Le Creuset Flame 2 in 1 Skillet Saucepan Combo 2 Quart


6 5/8" / Volcanic Orange / Cast Iron

If you are loving vintage  Le Creuset Flame cast iron cookware than this set is a great piece to add to your collection.  The flame color runs between a vibrant orange with a hint of red toward the base.  These pieces are in beautiful condition (8 of 10) with minimal wear seen.  See all photos.  

The skillet has a 6 5/8" across surface. Looks like a great size to do a few eggs. It has France embossed the top front of the handle. The interior is a creamy tan color and the back of the skillet is all enamel. From handle to edge of skillet it measures 11 1/4" in length. It has a loop handle for hanging. The handle is squared off at the end not rounded like the newer pieces.

The saucepan has the No. 18 on the base and will hold 2 Quarts of sauce or cream. It stands about 3 3/4" to top rim of the pan and it measures 7" across the lid. It has the same handle as the skillet.

This combo will allow you to saute in the small skillet and drain right into your saucepan. A super nice set for your vintage kitchen.

** Any white spots you see are glare

We have several more Le Creuset pieces from a collector in our shop now and more coming each day so check back often.  You can see them here.