Vintage Jade Ring 14k Gold Elongated Cabochon Gemstone


5.75 / Jade / 14k Gold

This 14k gold jade ring has a gorgeous setting, larger than most with a North to South measurement of 1 1/8" long and an East to West measurement of 3/8" wide. The jade stone is a vivid shade of green and has wonderful translucency. The stone is smooth and shows no wear upon 40X inspection.  The stone measures 24mm X 5mm equaling about 2.59 carats. 

The 14k gold setting of the ring is finely detailed with a small ribbon edge followed by a larger ribbon edge on the mount. It is marked 14k for gold purity and has been safely tested. The band of the ring measures 2mm all the way around for a comfortable fit. It is a size 5.75. The elongated jade cabochon gives this ring a regal look.

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