Vintage Iron Weathervane Sign Address Business Architectural

$190.00 $165.00

29" / Black / Wrought Iron

A great vintage architectural sign to show off your home or business. This heavy wrought iron sign holder is ready to be mounted to your home, building, fence or a post in your yard. It measures 29" in length from the tip of the arrow to the mounting bracket and the bracket measures 18 1/2"L X 1 1/4"W (the iron is thick with a 3/16" depth).

We are certain is has several coats of paint from years of painting and we did not touch any of it, just wiped it down. It can be repainted easily with Rustoleum paint but many of you like the vintage look so we left it as we found it. There is a double chain that hangs 3 1/4" down from the old wood sign. The chain is sturdy but if you want something longer you can easily change that too. You can use the current piece of wood or change it up. Endless design options!