Vintage European Oil on Canvas Painting Signed

$450.00 $390.00
A wonderful piece of vintage art work for your home.  This piece was brought back from Europe in the 1940-1950s from a gentleman that did business overseas during that time.  

The painting without the frame measures 18" X 24" and in the wood frame 28" X 22". There is writing on the back which we photographed but could not make out as we believe it is in Germany. The painting is signed in the lower right corner it appears to be ROBI but could be KOBI or KOHI. We did not have any luck researching it. The painting is free of any rips or tears. It was dusty when we got it and we did not clean only dusted it off. The wood frame is solid but there are some white paint spatters on it where it was obviously painted around over the years.

The colors are rich and the outdoor scene is a charming village street. .