A great vintage brass cast sign for your shop, business or office.  This c1960s sign was part of an estate collection of NOS (New Old Stock) brass signs. You can view the others at the end of this listing. 

This sign measures 3 3/4" long with a length of 2" and a depth of 1/8".  The ENTRANCE and EXIT are in raised letters.  These signs were acquired in their original packaging.  The patina you see is natural patina and overall the brass is extremely shiny.  The pebbled background shows a beautiful patina. If you want this brighter it can be polished up, we only did a wipe down.  

This will look excellent on a door or entry way but we also like as a decorative piece in a grouping on a wall or shelf.  Used with some of our other brass signs from this estate you can make a killer wall display.

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