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Vintage 14k Keepsake Wedding Band Floral Two Tone Gold 1960s

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Keepsake 14k gold wedding bands are finely crafted and will stand the test of time. We have seen many of them from their inception in the 1930s that look as good as the day were purchased.  This ring is from the 1960's. 

This vintage 14k gold Keepsake wedding band is done in yellow gold with an overlay of white gold raised flowers and vines. The pattern is lovely and we like that its two tone gold design can be worn with gold and white metals. It has a nice size and weight to it. The band is a size 6.5 and has a 5mm width. It weighs 4.1 grams and is a solid piece. It is hallmarked 14k for gold purity and has the Keepsake vintage trademark inside the band. It is in very good condition as seen in the photos. Our model is showing on her pinky finger due to size.

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