Vintage 14k Diamond Riccio Ring Heavy Gold Setting


6.25 / Gold / 14k

A sparkling vintage 14k Diamond Riccio Ring with a heavy gold setting.  This ring is a size 6 1/4 and will look incredible on any finger.  

The ring measures 1 1/4" in height north to south and the Riccio mirrored work is 1" from east to west across the ring with the rest of the band in highly polished gold. This ring is marked 14k inside the band for gold purity and has been safely tested to be so. It also has the makers mark for Imperial Gold (IG) and the country mark of Mexico where most of Imperial Gold in the 1980s was produced. 

This ring design was taken from a vintage chain link that we do not see often these days. The Riccio Mirrored Bead Link was a popular chain style in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It is an intricate design that looks a little like a broken wheat pattern which has highly polished small beads on the sides. The look is incredible and the cut of the chain/bead work shimmers. This ring takes it a step further with rectangular settings on the end of each line of Riccio work (for a total of six settings) with two 1mm diamonds in each of the settings. That is a total of 12 diamonds for a .06 total carat weight. The effect it has on the ring is superb. It is adding extra sparkle on what is already shimmering. I wish the photos showed this better. 

The most impressive part of this ring is it's weight. Most women's ring are fairly light weight and we consider a 5 gram woman's ring to be a decent weight. This ring weighs in at 7.4 grams of gold (including the stones). It is made incredibly well. The elongated look on the hand is gorgeous. It only fit on our models pinky but you can still see how large the ring is on the hand.

This is one beautiful piece of gold. Visit our shop often for an incredible variety of gold jewelry here.