Tiffin Kings Crown Dubonnet Cranberry Flash Pedestal Bowl and Oval Dish


Ruby / Glass

Two vintage pieces of Ruby - Cranberry Flash vintage glass. The large pedestal bowl, made by Tiffin is in the Kings Crown Dubonnet pattern and is highly sought after.  It has the color flashing at top rim and at the base of the pedestal where other pieces of Kings Crown only have the color at the top rim. Many people refer to this as ruby flash but this actually has more of a cranberry color to it.

The large pedestal bowl stands 7 1/7" tall and measures 10" across the top. The oval dish, possibly for celery measures 8 3/4" X 6". It has 4 small diamond nubby feet at the base. This is a different pattern but matches nicely. We acquired them together from the same estate and they make a beautiful display. We are uncertain of the pattern name.

Both pieces are free of any chips, cracks or flakes. The cranberry flash is bright and clean. There is minimal wear upon close inspection to the pedestal bowl upper rim to the flash. This is normal age wear and nothing which will be noticed easily for a display piece of glass. See all photos.

Great pieces of vintage glass for decor!

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