Star Wars Vehicle Collector's Plates Space Vehicles COA

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Star Wars Collector's this is a great set of estate found plates is from the Hamilton Collection in EXCELLENT Condition.

This set of plates comes with their original Hamilton Collection Styrofoam packaging (each Styrofoam holder is embossed "The Hamilton Collection"). Each of these plates reads "The Hamilton Collection present...(the name of the vehicle which will list below) from the Star Wars Vehicles plate collection by Sonia K. Hillias (artist) Edition Limited to 28 Firing Days Plate No. (listed below) and dated 1995. The plates measure 8 1/4" and have a beautiful patterned matching gilt border.

They would fabulous hung on a wall or set up on plate stands. We note that three of the plates have their original COA's (Certificate of Authenticity Paperwork) which is basically the same information that is on the back of the plate. One plate the Millennium Falcon does not. We also note that 2 of the 4 plates HAVE LOW production numbers which is GREAT for the collector and the value now and in the future.

Here are the details: 1995 - Star Destroyer - Plate No. 0878A - COA 1995 - The Millennium Falcon - Plate No. 0233B 1995 - Imperial Shuttle - Plate No. 1505A - COA 1995 - Red Five X-Wing Fighter - Plate No. 2583A - COA

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