Pastel Rainbow Freshwater Pearl Necklace Spray Art Glass


Color: Pastel

A unique pearl and art glass floral spray necklace that can not help but make you HAPPY! This is a beautiful feel good boutique piece of artisan jewelry with unique and stylish flair. This gorgeous contemporary vintage necklace was purchased in the early 1990s in a Miami Beach Boutique. We have seen artisan pieces crafted this way for wedding jewelry for the past 25 years but have yet to see one done in this array of vivid Pastel stones. The attention to detail of each freshwater pearl and piece of sliced art glass is divine!

This necklace can be worn at 17", 16" or 15" in length. It has a beautiful and artistic loop closure with 3 art glass pink beads that will let you adjust the length. The shorter you wear the necklace, the more trailing beads you will have down the nape of your neck. The necklace is strung on a bright metallic woven gold cord. The colorful freshwater pearls and art glass beads branch off the cording like a vine with colorful eye-candy!

The approximate width of the necklace ranges from 1/2" to 3/4" on the spray. The condition is EXCELLENT! This is one of those unique pieces that will match almost everything in your wardrobe and the compliments will be aplenty!