Industrial Pattern Mold Double Sided Shapes Décor

$150.00 $100.00

These industrial pattern molds look great on the wall, on a shelf or suspended from the ceiling.

No two pattern molds are exactly alike....Each mold was hand carved and is unique, made by an expert pattern maker for sand casting. These mold were used to make items in various industries & purposes ie; railroads, water pumps etc. They are not light weight and are made of heavy solid woods that could be carved.

If you are looking for SUPER vintage Industrial Décor look no further... this is a great vintage Wood Pattern Mold - 100% original including the paint and finish. Although these pattern make great industrial décor the history behind them is fascinating.

This mold board measures 21 1/8" X 14 1/2" X 3/4" in depth (not including the patterns that protrude from either side). The front design has an elaborate design of cut out painted shapes that protrude 3 1/2" from the board. The reverse side has 4 triangular shapes that protrude 1" from the board.