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Deco Art Glass Roses Bead Necklace

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Deco era Art Glass Beads roses with greenery and pastels. Each bead has two white metal filigree end caps with nicely age patina. The larger beads measure 5mm and the very end of the necklace has three 3mm beads on each side toward the clasps. The larger beads are separated with tiny white beads. This strand of beads is Art Deco c1920 possibly a little earlier. It does have a newer spring ring clasp which was most likely replaced mid century (1950s or so). The beads are strung on silk a sign of quality craftsmanship. The necklace length is 23 1/4" from end to end. The condition is beautiful for being nearly 100 years old. There are no chips on any of the beads and the hand painting is vivid with no visible wear. This is quite a treasure!