Large Antique Glass Portrait Plate Hand Painted

$450.00 $200.00

Antique CHILD Portrait Plate most likely Mt Washington Glass Hand Painted 14"

Every now and then you find something truly spectacular.... this is one of the best unsigned hand painted antique Portrait Plates we've ever had the opportunity to offer. The plate it LARGE measuring 14" and we are quite certain it is Mt. Washington Glass satin glass or a similar high quality Art Glass from that era c1890-1900.

The glass has a nice thickness of 4mm but as you can see from the photos, from the front, you can see the shadow of the rays from the plate holder on the it is somewhat translucent. We did not remove the plate holder - it is as we found in the estate and it was made perfectly to hold this plate.

The painting is magnificently done and we can find no signature. The front white background of the plate has a few minor marks which we photographed, the edges are darker and either there was a trim around the edges that has worn off or it is a bit darker at the very edge from hanging and age. The back has a few more marks than front but nothing you would not expect from a white satin plate of this age. THERE ARE NO CHIPS, CRACKS, FLAKES OR REPAIRS to the plate. This is one of those pieces that you really can't put a price on and one that is difficult to part with. We hope to find it a great new home.