Nouveau Vanity Set Sterling Silver French Celluloid 5 pc


6 3/4" / Cream / Sterling Silver

Five piece Art Nouveau  Vanity Set  with Sterling Silver Handles and brushes with French Celluloid Bodies. The set come with the original box bottom, lined in green fabric with raised holders for each piece. Each piece of the set is marked N & H for Nussbaum & Hunold and also marked Sterling for metal purity on the handles. The two cleaning brushes are embossed "France" on the celluloid body. This is mild discoloration on the bodies (see photos). There is also a button hook for boots, a nail file and shoe horn. We did not clean the silver, we leave all sterling as we find it. There are no dings or dents to the hollow handles. We note surfaces scratches on the handles. Each handle has lovely matching orchids with greenery.

Measurements are as follows: Shoe Horn - 6 3/4" L Brush - 5 3/4" L X 3/8" across bristles Brush - 5 1/2" X 5/8" across bristles File - 5 1/4" L

This set will polish up beautifully and make a great vanity display.