Nippon Moriage Footed Vase Antique Porcelain Rare Stylized Pattern


6" / Green / Porcelain

If you are drawn to early Nippon porcelain as much as we are, this footed vase with heavy moriage and a unique pattern is a must have piece.. This vase has the old blue maple leaf Nippon hallmark. It stands 6" tall on four slightly turned out feet.

We were drawn to the fantastic and unusual designs and colors which you do not typically see on Nippon pieces. There are extremely stylized Palm Trees, a Border in an odd shade of green that looks like a depiction of hieroglyphs, flowers which at closer inspection have fruits at the center and behind the palm trees are these arcs with a green circular pattern on the ends which we have yet to decipher. The colors remind us a little of the desert series but nothing in that series is close to this design. The moriage work is exquisite and done on about 80% of the piece including the feet and handles. If anyone would like to share info with us we would love to have it for reference. We have another antique Nippon vase in our shop now.

This is a wonderful piece for the Nippon collector and lover of antique porcelain.

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