Rainbow LUCITE Gem Go Go Belt 1960s MOD Retro


72 inch adjustable / Rainbow

Definitely one of the coolest Vintage Belts you will find. 1960s retro fashionista's MUST check this out!! This belt is long measuring 6 feet (or 72") with 32 BIG Bold RAINBOW colored faceted lucite gems. Each lucite gem measures 1 3/4" L X 1" W. There is a section of bright gold chain at the back of the belt and the linking chain between the lucite pieces are done in a darker chain with more "antiqued" gold wash. The belt hooks with a clip style catch. Since the belt is so long you will have plenty to work with to create multiple layers of dangling beads or to double around your waste (depending on your waste size). We show it at an average size waste and draped several times at the front to create the GO-GO look. This is a rare and great 1960s FASHION Find!