Ironstone Tureen with Ladle John Maddock and Sons Antique Stark White


12" / White / Ironstone

This impressive ironstone tureen was manufactured by John Maddock and Sons. It is large in size and comes with an ironstone ladle. It is in excellent condition for it's age, which we date at c1906 by the hallmark.

The tureen stands 5" tall (without the lid). It measures 12" from handle to handle or 10" across the tureen only with a width of 6 3/4". There are no chips, cracks or flakes to the tureen, cover or ladle. There a few small pottery bubbles with light discoloration on the inside of the bowl. Remarkably we see no crazing. There is one tiny spot of discoloration on the bowl of the ladle and it is from a pottery bubble or manufacturing that has discolored from age. It is small measuring 2mm in size.

The ladle measures 9" in length. It has large bowl measuring 4 1/4" across and approximately 1" deep.

This is a gorgeous set of ironstone for serving and one of the cleanest antique ironstone tureens in this size we have seen. It will be perfect for large gatherings and also great decor when not in use.

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