Huge 19th Cent Kashmir Paisley Shawl Piano Scarf 84 X 132 in Antique Textile


132" / Red / Cashmere

A superb example of Victorian era textiles.  This 1860s Kashmire paisley shawl is massive in size measuring 84 X 132 inches.  It is beautifully woven of  cashmere wool on a base of red and black cashmere.

The colors are incredibly vivid and bright. The Paisley was so large we had trouble getting photos of it and had it stretched across our shop's office (see photo 2). It can easily be used for a bed covering or hung as well decor. This piece is estimated to be c1860s and was estate found here in upstate New York. We went over it carefully and the first time through we did not find any flaws, it wasn't until we measured it that we found a small area of separation which we show in the last photo. This area measures 5 1/2" and appears to have hand tacked lightly with black thread which is coming loose and holding 3/4 of the separation together. (see photo 7) This was not easily found or seen when it was lying flat but it is there and we always disclose any flaws we see. We also note that fringe is diminished throughout the trim. It held up remarkably well for over 150 years old. This is larger than most paisley's you will find.

We took close up photos for you to see the detailed workmanship (photos 6 & 8 of the back of the tapestry). The sides without the fringe are beautifully bound (photo 8). We have priced it accordingly as a piece this size with this kind of work would bring somewhere in $900 and up range if it was perfect.

We did not launder this piece. It was taken out of an early blanket box. It is a wonderful find for the antique textile collector and would be a great piece to wear or display in your home.

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