This vintage silver sugar creamer set by Oneida Heirloom will add a bit of elegance to your table.  This estate found set is c1946 and the pattern is Damask Rose.

We have been holding off putting this set in our shop because it needed polishing. We stick by the rule of thumb never over polish antique silver jewelry but sterling table ware should look presentable. As you can see we did get to polishing the creamer but not the sugar bowl and decided to offer them as is (or it may be in stock room for another 5 years....)

Both pieces are in excellent condition with no dings, dents or other structural damage. The creamer stands 4 1/2" to the top of the handle and just about 4" to the top of the spout. It measures 2 1/4" across the base and 4 1/2" from handle to spout. The sugar bowl stands about 4" to the top of the handle and stands 3 1/8" to the rim of the bowl. It also measures 2 1/4" across the base and 5" from handle to handle.

Both piece are marked Heirloom Sterling Damask Rose at the bottom. The creamer, which is now nicely polished was as tarnished as the sugar bowl when we acquired it so the sugar bowl will also polish up beautifully.

It is time for this lovely vintage silver set to placed in a new home. We have several sterling silver items including decor and jewelry in our shop, check them out here.