Wall Sconces Syroco Ornate Vintage Gold


1950s vintage Syroco Wall Sconces. Syroco, short for Syracuse Ornamental Company was one of the largest home décor producers from 1950-1970s. The company, based out of upstate NY (Syracuse, NY) produced the best ornamental pieces in every imaginable type of décor by using different types of molded plastics, composites etc which were sturdy and had wonderful patinas in golds, bronzes or a combination to give them a vintage/antique look and to stand the test of time.

These sconces are lighter in weight than some of the other Syroco which we have in our shop. But as you can see they look like wood with a rich aged gilt finish. They measure 16 1/8" in height, 5 3/4" wide and they have a depth from the wall of 4 1/2". They will hold a standard 7/8" taper candle. They are adorned with florals and scroll work. Absolutely beautiful and in perfect estate condition.