Emeralite Cased Glass Lamp Shades Vintage Set of Three


5" and 6" see description / Green / Cased Glass

A fantastic set of three Art Deco Era Emeralite cased glass shades for your home, office or business.  These stunning vintage glass shades will make a statement in any room!

Two of the shades are 5" in height with a 9 3/4" opening at the bottom. One shade is slightly taller at 6" in height with a 10" opening at the bottom. The top opening mount for all three of the fixtures measures 2" across with a 1 7/8" opening.

Other than flakes around the top edge from being removed from their fixtures over time (see photo) there is no other damage to the shades. The inside white glass is crisp and clean. The emerald green is beautiful. The flakes along the top edge will not be noticed once these are placed in a fixture and they help us determine that these are true to period.

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