Diamond Chevron Ring Band 10k Gold


9.75 / Diamonds

This classic diamond chevron ring is beautiful enough to stand alone but could also be used with a solitaire engagement ring or any other solitaire ring. The deep "V" in the front is the perfect "cradle" for your diamond or fine gemstone.

This ring is a size 9 3/4 and can be sized to perfection by your jeweler. The norm is 3 sizes up or down.

The setting of the ring is done in a brightly polished 10k yellow gold with exception of the front chevron area which is done is white gold. There are 9 diamond accents placed among tiny gold beaded work for a bright dazzling display. The total carat weight is .09.

The ring is a nice size with the height of the chevron measuring 3/8". The highly polished gold band is 4mm at the sides and graduates down to 2mm at the back. It has a gram weight of 2.7. It is marked 10k and has been safely tested to be so.

This gorgeous ring is c1980 and will come in a presentation ring box for you or to gift.