Antique Catholic Communion Serving Tray Religious


Antique Catholic Serving Communion tray c1910 acquired from an old Catholic Church that was doing a remodel. We were ask to help clean out there old inventory to help fund their renovations. 

The base is made of solid wood in a nice oak stain. It has stainless accents at the handle. The handles do unscrew from the top (I'm not sure why may be for storage or cleaning). The wood tray measures 14" X 6 1/2" with a depth of 1/2". The length from the base of tray to the top of the handle is 6 1/2". The tray comes with 40 small glasses which were used to serve communion wine in. I haven't measured but I would guess they hold no more than 2-3 oz. Each glass stands 1 1/2" H with an opening of 1 1/8" and they all have weighed bottoms. They are shaped like a shot glass but smaller. They are all in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or flakes. We did not wash or sterilize them only wiped them down. The wood tray is also in great condition with no damage. The stainless handles need some polishing up but they are very good as well (no pitting, rust etc).

This is a lovely early set for display but could also be used for a party for cordials or other dinner drinks.