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Brass Menorah Vintage 7 Branch Ribbon Style Vintage

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This vintage brass Menorah is a wonderful expression of Jewish faith and would make an excellent gift.  It beautifully crafted with 7 ribbon branch arms.

It stands 11 1/4" tall with a 10 1/2" span across the candles and 4 1/8" across the base. This Menorah can be disassembled beginning with the candle holder cups at the top and unscrews in sections if you choose to store it on a smaller scale.

This menorah has a nice weight to it; with an unboxed weight of 1.6 lbs. It will not fall over easily if you have young children running around. The only part of this that is not brass is the bar that runs through the center to hold the unit together. It has only a light patina and the brass is fairly bright and clean. We did not clean it only wiped it down. There is wax residue in the cups we did not want to scrape it out and risk scarring the brass.

Each of the candle cups has a 7/8" opening which is the standard size taper candle. There are no dings, dents or other damage to the structure. This is a great vintage find!

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