Boudoir Doll French c1915 Victorian Dress

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24" / Royal Blue

c1915 French Boudoir doll discovered in the attic of an early estate. We thought she had the most beautiful hand painted face. She is completely original from head to toe and her head and body and are in beautiful condition for her age but her dress show signs of poor storage with discoloration to the fabric. She stands 24" tall and has a composition head with bright blue painted eyes and cherry red pouty lips. Her arms are made of hard plastic and she has brightly painted finger nails. Her upper body is stuffed with straw and her legs are stuffed with cotton down to above the ankle area where you can see she has hard plastic ankle/feet and high heels. Her costume is beautiful, she was simply not stored properly. It is a historical Civil War Era Victorian Dress c1860s ...something you would see in Gone with the Wind. She has a tulle underskirt and rich royal blue almost purple satin skirt over the top with a floral printed satin petticoat. The petticoat is trimmed in lace as is the royal blue skirt. Her hat is made of the same matching material. The lace has turned color (tanned) and the once white or cream floral satin fabric of her petticoat is now evenly tanned . There are some age spots on the royal blue skirt, they are small, dark and well hidden by the sheen of the fabric. The spots are 1-2mm in size very tiny and only on the front lower portion of her skirt. Her dress is not sewn onto the body but it is too snug for us to remove without fear of damaging it. There are no snaps or other closures to remove the dress and skirt. Since the dress is original and does not have any rips, tears etc we did not want to risk removal - we will leave it up to the new owner. She does not have any odors. We did not clean or wash the face and only cleaned the plastic limbs as we did not want to take the chance of harming her beautifully painted face. She displays beautifully and would be a lovely doll for decor or a collector to work with.