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Antique Victorian Calling Card Case Ornate Engravings

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A wonderful antique example of a Victorian Calling Card Case.  This late 1800s case has an ornate engraved design on both sides and is constructed of silver plate.  The inside of the case has a gold wash. 

The case measures 3" X 2 1/4". No dings or dents. Light patina to the silver plate as expected from age.  The measurements on the inside are 2 2/34 X 2". (Meaning the size of card that would fit or smaller. )

These cases were considered a status and staple item for those with means. Calling cards, much like today's business cards were for personal use and would have the name of the caller/owner on the card. The cards range from simple white with the name of the caller to elaborately embossed and printed cards.

Men carried these in their vest and waist coat pockets. It could be used today for a smaller sized business card or to hold neatly folded bills/currency. It also makes a wonderful display piece on a vanity, desk or shelf.

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