Antique SS Veendam Silver Tie Bar 11.9 g


3" / Silver / 830 Silver

The SS Veendam was built in 1871 for the British and it sunk in 1898 when she hit a wreck. It was the fastest ship of that time. 

This is a great cruise liner steam ship collectible in 830 silver. This tie bar measures 3 inches in length by about 3/16" wide. It has a decorative hanging chain in silver as well. It has an 11.6 gram weight.

We only hand polished this piece with a soft cloth so you could see the details. If you wish to have it shinier, it will polish up nicely. The back of the clip is marked 830 for the silver purity and has the initials H.H. inside a cartouche. We were unable to determine a maker. 

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