Antique Silo Step Industrial Decor Cobleskill NY


31" / Iron

Antique Iron Silo step by Harder of Cobleskill, NY with dates 1899-1903. We picked up a bunch of these because they make great wall decor and would be the perfect rustic or industrial shelf.

Each piece measure 31" long by 6 1/2" tall by 6 1/2" deep. There are 4 holes on the bracket ends for easy mounting flush to the wall or other surface. The step area, which we would call the shelf, has a half moon shape. It has an inside measurement of 20" long by 4" at is deepest point. A piece of glass, stone, lucite, metal or just about any solid material that can be cut could be made into the shelf. Or you can use hollow and hang things from edge (such as clothing on hangers or any item on iron hooks). It also comes with 2 handles (shown in the last photo) which mount on front of the steps (before they are bolted to the wall or surface). These could be used as hat hooks or other types of hooks for hanging.

The possibilities are endless for industrial decor. We are listing these individually so can you buy one or in multiples based your design project.