Antique Nippon Vase Ornate Gilt Moriage with Wreath Handles

$250.00 $225.00

A stunning piece of Victorian Era Nippon porcelain.  This 19th century vase has the green maple leaf 1/4" "Hand Painted Nippon" mark on the bottom and is c1891-1910 in age. It stands 6" in height and measures 7" across its wreath handles. It has a 5" X 4 1/2" measurement at the molded footed base and measures 4" across the ruffled top. There are various shades of green with a rich pine green at the top and bottom of the vase. The body is white with a pinkish hue. There is extravagant gilt moriage and hand painted work throughout. There is some fading to the gold in places from age, not on the raised design but seen mostly only the wreath handles. This is age expected wear. There are no chips, cracks or flakes on the piece. We see no crazing. We did not try to clean the inside as we did not want to soak the piece and risk damaging the beautiful finish - we only wiped it down.

A treasure for the collector of fine porcelain.