Antique Knife Sharpener from Fulton NY by Charles , John and Langdon Foster Patent Date of October 27th 1891.   This table top size sharpener is made from cast iron and can be bolted on to any flat surface.  

The sharpener measures 6" from the front to back legs and stands 4 1/4" to the top of the sharpening rods as they are set right now. The rods can be adjusted up and down by a "key" which looks more like a lever at the bottom of the sharpener. You pull back on the lever and slide the rods up and down. 

The patent number is 462,0001. It is interesting to see the original patent info with the drawing that goes with the item. You can view the patent info here.  We thought this was interesting find for the knife collector or the straight razor collector. 

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