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Antique Green Splash Earthenware Bowl Large 17th Century Europe

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A wonderful piece of antique earthenware for use or display.  This bowl has a fantastic polychrome drip glaze over a creamy slip.  

It is large measuring 13 1/2" across the rim and stand 4 1/4" in height. The coppery green decoration has a touch of yellow. Not sure if the yellow is a separate color or simply from the green glaze separating when it was applied. This piece was only identified to us as "17th Century European".

The age wear we see is some loss of glaze around the rim, crazing to the light colored slip on the inside of the bowl, some popped earthenware bubbles - again nothing unusual for the age. No cracks or breaks - the bowl is solid and will hold fruit or a liquid if you choose to use it that way. There are 3 losses of glaze at the very center of the bowl in circular shapes - we believe this is where the bowl was placed on something while the underside was being glazed. This was part of an estate collection of earthenware we are offering in our shop. We are continuing to add pieces, so please check back. Pieces like this can be seen in the files at the Metropolitan Museum web site.

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