A beautiful Victorian Folding Fruit Knife with Glove Hook in Sterling by Gorham Silver.  This knife is the perfect size for a bag, pocket or glove compartment.  It was considered a ladies knife and straddles a food and vanity item.

The knife case/body measures 4 1/2" L X 1/2" W. The design is double sided and both sides have a placard for engraving. One side is engraved and one side is blank and can be engraved by your local jeweler. Your local jeweler MAY also be able to buff out the antique engraving on the other side depending on how deep it is. But one side is free for engraving. The side that is engraved reads "Emma Hager" in script.

The knife blade measures nearly 3" it is sharp and has not been over sharpened there are no chips or pits on the cutting surface. The blade is marked with the number 112 which we founds corresponds to Gorham catalogue numbers some of which we found on line this piece was offered from 1884-1894.

The glove hook measures 1 1/2" in length. The overall weight of this piece is 31 grams.

For a piece that is roughly 135 years old this sterling silver ladies knife is in good+ condition. We see light areas of patina from age and some black crud that i started to pick off but did not want scratch silver so I left it alone. The blade is sharp and all good. We did not do a hard cleaning only a wipe down. It is going to clean up beautifully.

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